Thursday, 31 October 2019

All We Sinners

Why don't we just agree that we are all the sinners?

That greed. That lust. That pride. That concupiscence. And those venial sins committed daily.

Why don't we just agree that we are all the sinners?

Sin like gravity. 
Us with the fallacy. 
False felicity.

Why don't we just agree that we are all the sinners?

Lawyer, politician, butcher, teacher and students, all the leaders and the followers, the drunk and the sober - Aren't we all the sinners?

For all of us bear the weight of our sin – priest, pope, and all the chaplains – aren't we all? ________

The sinners.

All We Sinners.

Sunday, 27 October 2019


Credit to Pinterest

My uncle once said that to acquire freedom we need to sacrifice. I didn't fully grasp it as the whole concept, but if freedom here was being considered as someone's goal, hence to achieve the goal we need to sacrifice one thing over another, let say: We sacrifice time for the loved ones or losing the loved ones for the time we spend in achieving our goal. Yet, the dream is being free, so does freedom mean losing your time or your loved ones?
Sometimes, as humans, we're being blinded by the concept of freedom itself. We desire success for financial freedom, time freedom, and excellent health, yet whilst we're on progress, we are only allowed to have one kind of freedom during our lives, or if we're lucky, two is exceptional.

I used to uplift the concept of freedom by being able to do whatever I wanna do, wherever I wanna go. It's whatever, whenever, wherever - and, to whoever judges, it's like why on earth do ya fuckin' care? Yet if freedom is truly based on that concept, doesn't it make us so rough? Because it seems like the world of no rules, and it sounds too selfish. Because eventually if freedom does truly exist in a very literal concept, I guess all we have is just an endless moment of chaotic. Now, it's time to think and ponder: Does freedom make us responsible?

If the definition of freedom is being free to choose any options in life, I do agree that we need to be responsible for the options we chose in the first place. Yet it doesn't mean freedom makes us responsible, but somehow at the end of the day freedom always leads to responsibilities.

Talking about responsibilities, I take this as the obligations, so if we relate it to freedom we're talking about, no matter how or what, between the two is vastly contradictive. The concept of freedom here also becomes blurrier as it becomes subjective. Everyone has their own standpoint toward freedom. Hence, apart from the established definitions of freedom, some people have theirs.

However, everyone is dreaming the freedom. We want freedom for our time, our finance, and our health. As we mentioned in the beginning, yet we are all allowed to have one kind of freedom from the three kinds. Let's take a moment and think, what's yours now? A bunch of money? The wherever and whenever? The fresh and the strong? As for me today, I have the third (excellent (physical) health) while struggling for the time and the money, which often makes me frustrated. No wonder, for I become some kind of walking into the pond of 'grocery list' society has made. The standards that need to be fulfilled. Everyone has the same common dreams - to settle, to have a nice job, to have a house, to get married, to have children, to have a car, to own fancy things, to travel the world with the loved ones, and - you could tell! The grocery list that demands the three freedoms or maybe yes – only two is exceptional enough.

Credit to Pinterest

“Even if what the world demands haven't been yet in my hands,
but the whole world is inside my mind.”

I've shared my ‘obsolete’ version of freedom, but after through some ups and downs these past two years, I guess that today my personal view has also changed. I do agree with the freedom of taking the decisions and being responsible for the options. Yet above all, I am thinking freedom begins from the mind. We cannot be suffering from not having them all, but we can free ourselves from every negative thought, negative trait, and bad habit. Even if what the world demands haven't been yet in my hands, but the whole world is inside my mind. I want to be free from my inner demon, so I could be happy regardless of how shitty life could be. As freedom now begins from the mind, it begins the open heart, and so that begins the happiness. 


My uncle once said that to acquire freedom we need to sacrifice. I guess we do all know what's to sacrifice now. And my freedom doesn't have to be losing what and who I love the most. And I hope that you too - for everyone who seeks for freedom.