Thursday, 28 February 2019

Love is Sacrifice

Illustration by @oztheartist

Love is sacrifice.
That's the reason why it's called falling not reaching.

In odd moments, you dwell on why you still love him – or her, while you get all the whys inside your head, all the what-ifs, and all the whens to leave. The waiting, the sacrifice, and the pain you suffer, all these things are just so insane. It's all out of your mind. It needs to stop. Yet you don't know how to stop – by the reason of love.

It’s love. And somewhile love seemingly works that way. Even if it's killed you already - once, twice, third times, and countless, you ignore the whys, the whens, and the what-ifs without feeling hopeless. You risk on everything. You remove all the hesitation. You relish in being in love. You never give in. That's it. You're just falling and falling. With all your senses. Even if you realize it all makes no senses.

For love is sacrifice, it’s not reaching, it’s falling.

Love – is sacrifice. 

- LR