Monday, 10 December 2018

A Year of A Rollercoaster

Illustration by Ross Murray

It’s been a year of a rollercoaster. A year that not only full of hopes and happiness but also full of pain and disappointments. Small victories and heartbreaks, laughter and tears – some of them made me laugh on a sunny day and cry in the middle of the night. No matter how and no matter what, they left me memories and life lessons that have sparked color into my stories. And here are the colors:
  1. Unexpected things can be happening one millisecond later.
  2. Never love your company, just love your job.
  3. Finish your project in one quarter of the year or maybe two.  
  4. Never be infatuated in the age of 20s.
  5. Love, at first sight, is a big no-no.
  6. People easily come and go.
  7. It’s hard to find a new home and a new family today.
  8. Never believe in your coworkers, just trust them.
  9. People forget when you are no longer in their socket or pocket.
  10. No deep conversation with strangers.
  11. Never share stories to even your closest friends about uncertain things.
  12. Use your logic first, but never be an asshole.
  13. Heartbreak is a fuel for a more respected love lesson.
  14. We are all fool in love.
  15. Karma does exist.
  16. Mr. Clean is not that clean.
  17. Don’t expect.
  18. Don’t expect.
  19. Don’t expect.
  20. Life is hard, but the show must go on.
A year of a rollercoaster had given me scenes where I flew so high and then I suddenly fell the next day. Indeed, it’s mostly dark – that left me scars, shocks, and pains. Some of them changed my perspective, some of them improvised my idealism. They broke my heart and my trust in people and in love, but they’re never strong enough to kill me. For I’ve been used to pain and pain is my friend.  

“I may cry, but my tears will dry;
I may drown, but still, I try to dive,
And I will ride til’ I arrive.”

Thanks, 2018.
Looking forward to hearing from 2019.


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