Sunday, 5 August 2018

Just Don't Expect

This is for the people who are disappointed by their expectation, who are disappointing for their inability from keeping away the feeling:

Just Don't Expect.

Art by @erosundtanatos

Some of our disappointments come from unfulfilled expectation, a hope which stays as solely hope. No realization from what we have imagined in mind— what it will have become.

Painful? Yes, it is. Pretty painful.

We have enough fallen to the same hole numerous times, inflicting sadness and disappointment which shouldn't be there, if only we learned.

It could be coming from anything, but the worst disappointment comes from our unrealized expectation from someone who we love the most. Yes—putting expectation to people is a bad investment at its lowest, but sometimes we just can't either bear the feeling or control the emotion. As human, we hope people to treat us the way we treat them, we even expect them to treat us better.


I myself had never learned until I was at the point where my disappointment was on the peak. Putting expectations, giving a thousand chances, doing it for a million times - I just felt so tired and weary of all. It took years for me to implement the conception that people are truly a terrible investment for fulfilling my expectations.


It may take a long time to realize that awful fact. It may be those—who we love, that constantly breaks our heart. It may let us suffering from sadness and we always end up in the same ending, make us look like a fool who keep dreaming about something which not so sure the reality is. We are the fool who's willingly dreaming, hoping, and expecting.

The questions are:

Why we keep doing all those things? When we know it's hurting.
Why we always wait until we really suffering? When we literally know how it's ending.

Perhaps, unlike Mia and Sebastian, we are just a fool, a fool who always expects from something we shouldn't. A fool who can't anticipate the expectations we always create. 

Then how do we escape?


The best answer is:

Just don't expect.


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