Thursday, 3 May 2018

Today's Slavery

Illustration by @oztheartist

Jostled with a hundred people—
Perspiration covered your body’s fragrance.
Back and forth, tried to have space and stand.
Afraid of coming late, so fidgety you sensed.

Fascinating life you saw on the poster.
Speaking about peace, speaking about prosperity.
Your heart grumbled for neither of them seemed so proper.
What kind of lie it was since people were set to be far from serenity!

Mirror hanging on the platform’s wall;
Reflected a pallid face—old and faded.
Life was complicated, you were so disinterested.
Ended with solely hope—God blessed us all.

A bearded man came scolding in your agency
Threaten about a cut of salary.
Every month getting paid for such slavery.
Enough to make you stayed in poverty.        

Wishing to live in what you fond of.
Vexed about how injustice standing so upright.
You thought your life was out of luck—
Began to wonder wasn’t it right?                  

Then the big day was finally coming...
You stood on intersection attacked by terrible confusion,
Genuinely expected not to regret in the ending.
Out of massive system of enslavement.
That was the day of your freedom.
Set up new custom, killed the boredom.
Bravery made you live your own kingdom.
Far away from inane control: oppressing power.

Writer: Lista R
Illustrator: Ozzy (@oztherartist)

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