Monday, 19 February 2018

The Land of Oz

Paintings displayed, some custom quotes of yours are wooden framed.
You sit on your favorite corner scratching lines on your canvas.
Contemplating how solemn you are, I observe like a number one fan.
Dan Bejar’s music fills the entire studio spreading warmth to the silence.

Like rotation, clock’s hands keep moving on its dial.
Evening sunlight streams through the window and the clock shows 04.10 PM.
I open my journal; to him, I write a poem.
The time feels so pleasing, the atmosphere feels so enchanting.

Isn’t it too quirky?                                          You say.
No, it’s aesthetic.                                             I say.
Perform like a poet, I read my poem.
Does it sound bizarre?                                    I say.
No, it sounds fantastic.                                    You say.

We sing along on your small stage.
With that dark wood guitar I play.
All paintings are the loyal audience.
Cheering us to keep going until the finale.

This is perfectly perfect!                                  I say.
Welcome to the Land of Oz!                           
The birthplace of inspiration.
Where dream is no longer a dream.
Where happiness you find in every corner.
And all the impossible become possible.
Welcome to the Land of Oz!                            You say.
I recite it cheerfully, welcome to the Land of Oz!          

Writer: Lista R
Image Source: mymoderrnmet      

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