Monday, 17 October 2016

Journal 4 of Language Assessment Class

It’s my journal 4, means that it’s already 4th meeting of Language Assessment Class. There’s a new rule for the whole student that we need to speak full English in the class. Of course it’s a challenge for us since English is not our native language. Each student reacted differently toward the rule, and here I’m going to tell what I perceived and felt in the class by speaking English fully.
Though it’s challenging, but it was fun and exciting. Other classes must implement same rule, so students will be used to it, especially we are a student of English literature that is supposed to be able to speak English fluently. We will not speak English frequently, if there is no rule that push us to do so.
If you ask me how it feels like, I will answer that it’s amazing. I hope it will happen every day. Imagine if it happens every day since I was in the first grade, probably I am now a master of English, or at least I can speak English well without hesitation.  But, it was just a day dream, the fact is I still do so many mistakes in speaking English either in grammar or pronunciation.
Suddenly, I was afraid of time that always flows, I was scared of being unqualified English literature graduate. Therefore, I hope that my junior will not feel the same. The faculty can implement the rule to the whole class as one of an effort to increase student’s skill in speaking English language.
I noticed the whole class. Most of my friends looked enjoying the rules, though occasionally they spoke incoherently. I presumed that what they feel is same as what I feel: fun, exciting, challenging, but in the same time, improve our English skill. Sure, it was great, and I would love to obey the rule. 

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