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Gunadarma English Club (GEC)


Once upon a time, there is an English club run by Faculty of Letters Gunadarma. This club was tutored by some lecturer of the faculty to develop English knowledges and skills. As time goes by, the club was inactive for particular reasons: the participants of the club became siginificanly decreased until it reached zero, and the club was like an empty-haunted house. No one had ever gone there again.
Years by years has passed. The senior has graduated, the freshman has come over to the university for many times, and yet the club remained empty. No place for the nap club. Until finally….. The yearning of the club started emerging by people who asked and cared about the existence of English club.
The student executive board striked up concerning about this matter, and recorded name-list of student of faculty of letters which only consists of one major, namely: English literature. (At least til’ this time September 2016) But, for somehow after that, no news about the existence of the club. It still invisible, and the students who had expected that for turning into reality was disappointed.
The sun has risen very bright, it was a sign for a good day. Student Executive Board (SEB) Faculty of Letters changed to the new period of 2015/2016. There were two members of Education Division of SEB who proposed the existence of English club as part of the program of education division. Well, it was planned to be a club which only consists of English literature student.
However, the plot has changed, two students from other majors proposed the same club to SEB Faculty of Letters 2015/2016 that eventually made some agreements to form a club namely GUNADARMA ENGLISH CLUB (GEC) which its member not only consists of English literature student but also from all faculties. And so, the story of GEC begins.


The English club of Gunadarma was officially established in January 2016 under the name of Student Executive Board Faculty of Letters period of 2015/2016 as its patron. So, the SEB only oversees the activity of GEC. As the club which has just reborn, the ones who has proposed the existence of GEC recruited a committee to manage the club that later known as first generation of GEC. For your information, one period in GEC is 8 months, and we are now in the second generation of GEC.
The committee consists of head, vice head, secretary, and treasurer. It is also divided into 3 main divisions:

It manages every single thing related to the members of GEC.

Publish any events and informations either related or unrelated to GEC since the informations are assumed significant.

Manage and decide any materials to be shared or discussed with members each meeting.
In conclusion, the club was overseed by SEB Faculty of Letters UG, managed by the committee, run together by committee and members.


We provide a place for those who have same interest in English language and passionately want to develop their English skill. Therefore, GEC acts as media-support for learning and sharing English in various ways that is expected could generate and ideal English skill performance.


First of all, you have to know that we are still unofficial club unlike UKM (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa), hence our activity independently managed by the committee and run together with the members. However, we struggle to change our status into UKM to be more acknowledged.
How do we change that status?
By learning and sharing together in every meeting consistently.
What kind of sharing?
You can share your experience, opinion, knowledge related to the topic that will be discussed or shared in every meeting. Therefore, we emphasize SPEAKING SKILL as our priority to be learned. Speaking skill is very important because it encompasses other skills of English language, such as: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and listening. In order to speak up the things you are going to express, you need to prepare it first to get stunning presentation or performance in front of everyone. To prepare it, you definitely will be writing some points related to the topic you’re going to present. By doing so, you also indirectly learn writing and reading skill. We increase those English language skills by speaking, hence we will be used to it, and shall use it to prepare any competition, such as: speech, dialogue competition, debate, story telling, etc. We will practice together when we are going to face the competition according to YOUR interest.
Is there any tutor?
Unfortunately, there is no permanent tutor yet for our club since the club is not UKM. But, we are looking forward for the competent ones to share their knowledge to us. It can be you, lecturer, or whoever as long as they’re qualified.
How many times for meeting in a month?
We do have meeting every two weeks. So, we have two times in a month. It will be held at D61 or tentative. The committee will inform you if there is changed schedule.


  1.  As you can see that there are UK and US flag in our logo which indicate both accents: American and British
  2.  The book and abbreviation of ‘GEC’ on it show that every knowledge we get is sourced from book. It becomes our foundation to gain knowledge
  3.  The torch symbolizes our almamater— Gunadarma University
  4.  The ribbon shows creativity and innovation
  5.  Gold color symbolizes prestige that shows our club is prestigious
  6.  Blue color indicates 3C: cleaver, creative, and communicative. This is also why our jargon is : Smart, Active, Creative
  7.  Brown color on the flagpole symbolizes friendship. We expect that every member of GEC can be a good friend that will bring us into good friendship.

If you pay attention to details of the emblem, then you will find out that it is similar to emblem of SEB Faculty of Letters UG (BEM FSASTRA UG) to show that GEC is part of BEM Sastra UG in the first time, and also both emblem was designed by the same person. 

Written By

Lista Rani
English Literature 2013
Founder and Vice Head of GEC

IG GEC: @englishclubug

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