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My Organization Stories: From School to University

First thing first, I prefer call it ‘stories’ to ‘experiences’ as it is a part of my life stories. Though it’s kind of personal post, but hopefully this post can be beneficial and inspiring to those who read it. I started my career in organization when I entered Junior High School. I was joining student council (OSIS) for 2 periods and became member of Division of Leadership and Politic Education in the first period, and Secretary in the second period. Beside having role in student council, I was also a vice head of Junior Red Cross for 2 periods, member of quiz club and poetry club. I was too active during my early teen-age. Others might leave school at 13.00 while me usually going home at 16.00 averagely. I gathered with my fellow friends in student council and doing many stuffs after classes, such as helping other divisions did their work: enclosed a list of discipline infractions of other students, coached for ceremony, meetings, etc. 

"Being very busy in young age gave some qualifications that others didn’t have. I learned a lot of things including see things in organized and systematic view, I was used to many cases, and it made me up a level."

Next I graduated from junior high school, then I continued my study at vocational high school which has a tight schedule— classes are started from 07.00 and over at 16.00 without extracurricular or other activities, thus if you want to join any activities, you will sacrifice your time til’ evening around 18.00. By considering many things, I decided not to join student council or other activities, but unfortunately freshman year must follow one of three obligated extracurricular, so I chose Senior Red Cross as before it I was joining Junior Red Cross, and by doing so, I was be able to upgrade my red cross level from “Madya” to “Wira”. During high school years i was less-passionate for joining any student organization as i presumed myself already had enough experience about it beside I was also bored and felt like I need to take a rest temporarily from having role in organization. In such condition and mood, I was mandated to be a vice head of senior red cross at my school due to recommendation of my senior to be in that position. I took it cause I felt I was trusted and I was just… couldn’t reject it. As a result, I wasn’t doing my role so well :( I could say that 3 years in vocational high school, I ain’t give any attention to organization, yet I didn’t regret it. At least, it gave me such an atmosphere to be a normal student.

That spirit of becoming just a normal student was continued til' I strike up my university life.  However I made some differences and upgrades on myself as a new person who transform from teen to adult.  I still had no desire in joining student organization at my campus, such as student executive board (in bahasa it’s called BEM which stands for Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa, later in this post I will write it BEM cause am living in Indonesia) or other activities. I was like having a high rate in apathy, and almost judge my self as sociopath (at least in my point of view). That’s why I called me as new person who had significant contrast with my old me who was energetic in social life.

I didn’t hang out with friends after class, didn’t care with events in my campus unless it was related to my study, I only cared for my passion and hobby (which is not organization), and for me THAT was enough. For some reasons, it was good tho. I improved my academic skill and hobbies.

Until one day I felt my self was missing something. I just couldn’t hold it for any longer. Living like a normal student, going classes, studying, reading, doing hobbies in locked bedsit without socializing. My life seemed only consists of two colors: black and white.

I thought of being contribute my self in social life. After 4 years inactive for any organization, but leadership skill, critical thinking, public speaking, confidence which I got and learned when I was active on it were still on fire inside of me. I planned to join student executive board (BEM) in the next period, but to warm up I started to be active in organization again by being a volunteer in a big event “Olimpiade Taman Baca Anak 2015”. It’s sooooo FUN! I was going to KEMENDIKBUD RI for the first time for a meeting with other volunteers, acknowledging with new fellas, AND still many more which I experienced from this event (I’d like to tell it, but seems too long, am afraid can’t stand it). The point is after became a volunteer, I even more encouraged to be in part of organization again. Here the day came when I applied for joining BEM in my sophomore year. I WASN’T MISTAKEN FOR SUUREEE. This was what I have missed during the year, and I finally fit into it. This was most precise place to contribute and distribute not only leadership skill, but also my other skills, my hobby, and my passion. My career in BEM could be said excellent, and here what I was doing during a period of my contract as student executive board:

  1. In November 2015, I was a head of two seminars: “A Strategy of Mind Palace: a Shortcut for Memorizing” and “The Significance of English as Part of the Implementation of Asean Economic Community”
  2. Co-founder of Gunadarma English Club in region Depok Campus of my university.
  3. Designing for new emblem of BEM which means I did also distribute my design and photo editing hobby.
  4. Designing for GEC logo.
  5. Being a moderator in seminars for 3 times and once for being an MC.
  6. Being a photographer in Theater Performance.
  7. Being committee in various events related to art, culture, sport, education, charity, etc.
I couldn’t say it more details, but basically my life was no longer black and white anymore. Organization gave my life a rainbow. I was really excited to have a bunch of valuable experiences, great buddies and besties, indescribable lessons during my whole organization life started from school to university.

Also, my life is much more beneficial because there’re a lot of endless benefits and feedbacks when I actively join organization, AANNDDD related to this AM going to write list of benefits of joining student organization in the next post.

Danke, for those who read my blog :)
My name is Lista, and don’t forget to be smart, active, and creative!

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