Wednesday, 10 August 2016

6 Benefits of Joining Student Organization


Being a student is certainly hectic with endless cycle of assignments which must be collected before DEADline or you will be DEAD on a LINE consists of other assignments *evil laugh*. Not only busy with those tasks, but a college student also hectic with other activities outside campus, such as take care of theirself (absolutely), their bedsit (for those who live in dormitory), their work (to those who have part time job), and other responsibilities which owned by a college student.

However, among those bustles, there are some superior students who sacrifice their time for actively participating in student organization, or in this case: student executive board. Despite of that sacrifice, of course their time is worth the benefit they receive— THE FEEDBACK.  So, take a look of benefits if you are active in student organization.

6 Benefits of Joining Student Organization:

1.      You Know More about Yourself

Parcipating in a student organization means you are under circumstances which allow you to face many people with different nature. You’ll also be confronting many certain situation (through good or bad), essentially when there are problems, obstacles, and difficulties. When you through those things you will learn, observe, and analyse other members of your organization you’re in--- act, speak, behave, organize, and handle certain situations. By doing so, you will know your fellas and simultaneously know more about yourself, such as: what kind of person you are, your strength and weakness, and even your true dreams.

2.      You Learn How to Teamwork and Engage with Diverse Group of People

Plunge into an organization is absolutely running events, making plans, decisions, visions together with other members of the organization. It teaches you how to teamwork and engage with your team that definitely consists of diverse people. You will used to it and learn to control your egocentricity because you will give priority to public interest and general agreement.

3.      Improve Your Skill

Having a role in an organization provides you opportunity to improve your skill either soft skill or hard skill. As there are teamwork and many things to handle, you are demanded to communicate and connect with people. It means you need to make good relation with them, and by doing so, you train your emotional intelligence which is a part of soft skill. What is more is you also have ability to perform your specific skill (hard skill). For example: there are many events held by student organization, you definitely are a committee, if you’re good at photography then you can propose yourself as photographer, if you’re brilliant in speaking then you can be a master ceremony (MC) or moderator, if you have talent in music then you can perform in that event, and so on. Basically, student organization is a perfect place to improve both skills.

4.      Rich with Practical Experience

Another great benefit is you’ll gain many experiences especially practical experiences. You will learn how to organize an event, making proposal, making MOU, being a liaison organizer. You also have opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in class in reality. If you learn about public relation in class, then you can implement it into practical lesson in the organization, such as make a strategy to persuade community or people to attend and participate in an event held by your organization.

5.      Broaden Your Connection

Active in an organization gives you opportunity to reach large network. You make connection, meet new people, build relationship with many part of students and even communities. Therefore your association not only with your friend of your class or faculty but even larger.  In the same time you become Mr/Mrs. popular by being always on in every events. Exciting,  isn't it? 

6.      Expand Your Resume 

No doubt but having list of organization experiences on your resume will attract the employer.  They will know that you are a hardworking person and can handle multiple things. A company is basically an organization, and when they found you have experiences on it, you get a plus value than others who don't have. In the end, you are worth to be a part of the company. Congratulations!

So, those are a bunch of benefits if you actively participate in organization. No matter how tight your schedule is, and no matter how tired you are, you will be getting the best reward for your sacrifice. Good things always happen to those who sweat more. Go hurry apply for student organization. Break a leg! 

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  1. Yeay, if u follow student organization u'll get more experiences, do positive things, and also get a new friends.

  2. greaat experience :) . cool