Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Review 21-Day Happiness Challenge (e-Book)

Purpose Fairy
21-Day Happiness Challenge
By Luminita D. Saviuc

This book tells us about the formation of habit. How we can change the bitter become better, the restlessness become serenity, and the sadness become happiness!

Why 21 days? Because research shows that to develop a habit we take 21 days to do something repeatedly. Here you’re going to make a habit which will be contributing in your health, wealth, happiness, and well-being.

Day 1   : Practice Forgiveness
Day 2   : Release and Let Go
Day 3   : Practice Self-Love and Self-Acceptance
Day 4   : Be Here with All Your Might
Day 5   : Look for the Lesson in Everything
Day 6   : Fill Your Heart with Gratitude
Day 7   : Give a Smile to Every Person You Meet
Day 8   : Let Yourself Be Vulnerable
Day 9   : Lighten Your Load
Day 10 : Don’t Take Anything Personally
Day 11 : Practice Tolerance and Acceptance
Day 12 : Play the Role of Your Ideal Self
Day 13 : Release Your Fears
Day 14 : Practice Playfulness
Day 15 : Do Something You Have Never Done
Day 16 : Practice Random Acts of Kindness
Day 17 : Get Interested in People
Day 18 : Complain Free Day
Day 19 : Give More, Expect Less
Day 20 : Love Everything, Be Attached to Nothing
Day 21 : Let Go of the People Who No Longer Need, or Want to Be in Your Life

This book is really open my eyes about life, about what’s the aim of life, how we live in a cruel world with a kind heart, how do we live happy and grateful with all we have, the way to make a good relation with people, and the most important is this book aware me about goodness; don’t scared to do kindness to everybody because the more you give, the more you have everything.Those things what will make you love your life.

So, I really recommend you to read 21-Day Happiness Challenge. I called this challenge as my personal project to form something new inside me, something new that brings me into peace and bliss. How about you? Let’s mark your calendar and start your day with the better of you.

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Happy Reading and Good Luck!



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